Closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays in August

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444 Electric Avenue, Bigfork, MT
Open Thursday - Monday
7 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

We expect the Covid virus may be with us for a while and we have changed our operation to adapt. Short term, as required, we've reducing our capacity and spacing our tables. But long term, we've prepared for the future. We don't plan to isolate our guests in plexiglass greenhouses, but we have refitted our booths to make them more private and easier to disinfect. The attractive and comfortable cloth backs have been replaced with vinyl, which we think is as comfortable and equally attractive, but easier to disinfect. And we've raised the seat backs by a foot. Not enough to make you feel claustrophobic, but enough that you won't see (or breathe on) your neighbors.

We want keep serving the comfort food we always have, but we're determined that you eat it in an environment that makes you feel as comfortable as the food.

David Vale, Co-owner

Isolation has been difficult for me. I'd characterize myself as a people person. But with the pandemic, it's been more difficult and unwise to socialize as much as I usually do.

I missed eating in our restaurant while we were closed and saying hello to all the people I'd come to know in this community. I understood the need to distance and the importance of playing it safe. I applaud everyone who endeavors to squash this disease.

But I want everyone to know, especially when we don't see each other as much, that I am thinking of you all and I miss you greatly.

Carolyn Vale, Co-owner

I'm new here. Well, not that new. It'll be three years in December. But wow, what a couple of months these last have been. Going from a vigorous cafe to an idle dining room overnight. And back again. I missed those cinnamon rolls and cupcakes, even though I didn't usually eat them. But being deprived for a couple of months -- Well, I may make up for lost time.

We've taken our time getting back into operation. We had some structural things we had to change and a number of procedures to revamp for safety. And we wanted to be sure things were calmed down, to protect both our customers and our staff.

But we're back in business. Some new electronics, some new furniture, a new presentation of our old menu. It's great to get back in business. We're happy to see you all again.

Michele Shapero, Business Manager